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Family & Marriage Consulting

Everyone is looking for harmony, security and understanding in a relationship – and potentially everyone can contribute to reach these goals. However, more and more marriages end in divorce and families break to pieces. This does not have to happen!

It is one of the greatest joys in life to get children. However, the manifold expectations and challenges of different phases in the education of children and youth put the family in a situation, with which a lot of parents cannot deal adequately. Excessive demand, conflicts, ongoing arguments and helplessness are only some of the results, which can cloud the parent-child relationship. And school conflicts often add to the already existing tension. All this can be avoided.

Nowadays there are trainings or study courses for every type of profession. Yet the field of marriage and family life has been left entirely to our own intuition and judgment. But as everywhere else, there are skills and knowledge that one needs to know in order to lead a happy and fulfilled marriage and family life. We live in a world, where the principles of competition, power, individualism and self-centeredness dominate our social life – values, which are the antithesis of a harmonious marriage and family life. Developing a new mindset will help to create and maintain healthy partnerships and functioning families.

What I offer

In my Marriage &Family Consulting, I help the participants by transferring to them knowledge and principles that will empower them to achieve a new understanding and to reach clarity about how to lead a more peaceful and satisfying marriage & family life. I am not working as a therapist, as I do believe that each one of us can be his or her own therapist. All we need are some essential and necessary life principles to adhere to, and I will support you in applying the right principles at the right time. If wanted, the consultation process can be enriched by Coaching or Mediation elements.

For whom is Marriage & Family Consulting possible?

For adults, teenagers, children and those who want to improve their private situation and live a more fulfilled and happy life.

Contact and information

Please do contact me via telephone or e-mail. We will arrange a first meeting free of charge, where we will get to know one another, talk about your concerns and map a potential course of action. One session will usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. The length and intensity of the consulting process is tailored entirely towards your needs and your personality.

For more details on prices, please feel free to contact me via telephone or mail.