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Intercultural Coaching & Training

Whenever different cultures (orientation systems) meet, there is room for learning and growth as well as for misunderstandings and conflicts. In order to enhance the former and to reduce the latter, Intercultural Trainings offer a sustainable solution.

Work life 

Only if you gain some important knowledge and insight about the respective culture dimensions of the host culture, will you manage to be successful and feel at ease in your work life. The chances that you treat others in your work environment the way they expect you to do, is greatly enhanced if you acquaint yourself with their culture standards.

Family life 

In the context of family life, understanding the so called ‘Third culture kids’(TCK) and the impact of living abroad on the child’s life is of major importance and asks for specific know- how. Who is a ‘Third culture kid’? The sociologist David C. Pollock defines them as “…a person who has spent a significant part of [their] developmental years outside the parents' culture. The TCK frequently builds relationships to all of the cultures, while not having full ownership in any. Although elements from each culture may be assimilated into the TCK's life experience, the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar background.”

Marriage life

Even marriages can be heavily affected by an expatriation post. A marriage is a very fragile building; comparable to one of those small porcelain figures which tourists buy in gift shops. Notwithstanding how careful these figures have been wrapped into special bubble paper, we still worry that once we unwrap them in our new house, the sculptures might be damaged or even broken. Now, let’s be honest: who of us has ever – before or while moving – spent time thinking about how our marriage will deal with this move. Part of intercultural coaching can include looking at the process of moving and what impact it might have for a marriage.

In the case of an expatriation, raising the awareness and understanding regarding the transition phase plays a major role in the training or coaching process. You often hear the term ‘culture shock’, which doesn’t describe a single, ‘shocking’ incident but rather refers to a whole process of adaptation and integration into a foreign country and into a new culture.

Through simulations, role plays and case studies the real experience will be lived through and discussed. The focus lies on the process of raising the awareness for intercultural relevant situations – as this is the first steps towards developing intercultural competence. It’s only when we realize intercultural differences and are able to cope with them in an effective and competent way, that we enjoy living in and dealing with intercultural settings (living abroad, working for a foreign company, being part of an international team, etc.)

Intercultural Trainings & Coachings are offered for

  • Expatriations
  • Repatriations
  • Working with international teams
  • Working for foreign companies
  • Families living abroad
  • Better understanding of ‘Third culture kids’

Contact and information

Please do contact me via telephone or e-mail. We will arrange a first meeting free of charge, where we will get to know one another, talk about your concerns and map a potential course of action. One session will usually last between 90 and 120 minutes. The length and intensity of the Coaching process is tailored entirely towards your needs and your personality.

For more details on prices, please feel free to contact me via telephone or mail.