Manije Khabirpour Mediation


Transformative Mediation 

The mediator in a Transformative Mediation process helps the participants through a guided conversation technique to reach their own clarity and certainty and to search and find a solution for their conflicts.

The inner strength and empowerment which the participants gain in this process will lead to acknowledgement and appreciation of one’s own situation as well as that of other people.
This attitude of inner empowerment will create a valuable foundation for upcoming conflicts in daily life, as new patterns of conflict resolution have been learned and internalized.

When and where Transformative Mediation may be applied

  • At complex disputes
  • If nothing ‘goes anymore’ between the two parties
  • If the conflict is too strongly ‘emotionalized’
  • If future cooperation has to be continued due to outward circumstances
  • If a quick solution has to be found
  • At conflicts at work
  • At conflicts with business partners
  • At conflicts in marriages and families
  • At conflicts at school
  • At conflicts in neighborhoods

Contact and information

Please do contact me via telephone or e-mail. We will arrange a first meeting free of charge, where we will get to know one another, talk about your concerns and map a potential course of action. One session will usually last between 90 and 120 minutes. The length and intensity of the Coaching process is tailored entirely towards your needs and your personality.

For more details on prices, please feel free to contact me via telephone or mail.